Mateusz Czepukojć

Attorney at law

He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. His M.A. thesis was based on a scientific publication.

He has gained his professional experience dealing mainly with criminal and criminal-fiscal cases. Previously Mateusz worked for Warsaw law firms and public institutions, such as court, prosecutor’s office and the Commissioner for Human Rights, where he was responsible for analysing final sentences for filing cassations.

He participated in workshops „Innocence Project – Przeciwdziałanie niesłusznym skazaniom”, which were organized by the Forensic Science Institute at University of Warsaw and Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. The Innocence Project dealt mainly with cases concerning wrongful conviction.

He is the author of a scientific publication „The problems of funds deposited in bank accounts in the context of the object of offence defined in Art. 299 of the Criminal Code” [in:] Glosa, nr 1/2017.

His scientific interests focus mostly on the problems of money laundering, confiscation of property in penal proceeding, confiscation of assets and also on matters at the cross-section of criminal and other areas of law.