Of counselPrzemysław Pawelec, Ph. D.


A linguist, specialist in phonetics and phonology, the pronunciation of English, comparative studies of English and Polish, theories of sound systems of natural languages. Head of the Research Centre for Phonetics and Phonology at the Institute of English Studies, University of Wroclaw.

A graduate of the Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw, he obtained his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Modern Languages, University of Warsaw. A faculty member of the University of Wroclaw, he has also taught linguistics at, among others, the University of Warsaw and the State University of New York.

The author of numerous expert opinions on concept interpretation, language use and similarity between trade marks, used in cases before Polish courts and in cases in the cognition of the European Union Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO.

He has near native competence in English, and communicative competence in Spanish and Russian.