What we do

We help universally

We specialize in providing complex legal services to business units and natural persons. We offer legal advice in difficult, urgent and multi-layered cases.

We combine broad experience in advising our clients in complex business, civil and criminal matters with the ability to focus on the individual problems of our clients connected with their everyday activity and their need for legal safety.

As a result of our broad practice and success in representing our clients before Polish criminal and civil courts of common jurisdiction, administrative courts, arbitration tribunals, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court as well as foreign and international courts we are able not only to protect the rights of our clients at litigation stage, but also to advise them how to react early to reduce and eliminate all kinds of legal and procedural risks.

We realize how complex, changeable, and very often incoherent legal regulations may be, and how this may affect the interests of our clients – especially in the border area between civil, commercial and criminal law, as well as tax law. That is why we approach each case individually, aiding our clients in obtaining comprehensive, long-term legal safety even in most adverse circumstances.


  • criminal law
  • civil law
  • commercial law
  • corporate law
  • penal revenue law
  • intellectual property
  • protection of enterprise secrets and trade secrets
  • real estate


  • business criminal proceedings and penal fiscal proceedings
  • the law of commercial and investment contracts
  • pre-trial detention (provisional arrest)
  • corporate criminal liability
  • criminal compliance
  • actions for damages
  • securities and capital market crimes
  • white collar crimes
  • representing clients in extradition proceedings
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • ongoing legal services to companies
  • copyright and related rights
  • music industry law
  • new technologies/IT
  • enterprise restructuring
  • combating unfair competition
  • proceedings involving banks and creditors
  • executive proceedings and debt recovery
  • sports and games law
  • environmental law
  • medical law
  • fuel market and international transport of energy sources
  • foundations and voluntary associations